I want this to be the sort of place where everything can be discussed openly. there are only a few instances where i will remove comments, or not approve them.

  1. Unsolicited Advertising. Akismet catches most of this. whatever it doesn’t, i WILL delete.
  2. Off Topic. even if it’s something useful, i’ll take it as a personal note, read it, and remove it.
  3. Redundant. double posts, or anything that repeats the original post (or asks a question clearly answered in the post).
  4. Libelous or Defamatory. As I find and am made aware of such posts, they will be removed.

Until spam-fighting tools improve, Your first comment on this site will be moderated. It’s nothing personal, it’s that spam in the middle of a good discussion can be confusing. Beyond that, it’s all fair game. Not everyone will agree with you, so bear in mind these guidelines for debate:

  1. don’t get personal
    if you start out insulting your opponent, your point is dead in the water before you make it. if you make the argument personal, the other person can’t accept your point without accepting personal defeat.
  2. don’t get personal
    even if your opponent insults you, don’t take the bait. if you’re that offended, walk away. no good can come of it. if you still want to make your point, just ignore the insult. keep debating like it never happened.
  3. don’t take it personal
    no matter how much your opponent attacks your argument, your examples (even if they’re personal), or your world view, it isn’t personal. don’t take it as such.
  4. pick your battles
    don’t go into a fight if it requires the other person to change their view of the world. that doesn’t mean democrats shouldn’t debate republicans, or christians shouldn’t debate atheists. that just means that you should only go into a fight if you think your opponent can change his mind about the issue at hand, without it displacing or weakening his/her world view
  5. concede
    the only way the debate will keep moving is if you and your opponent make progress. this requires you to acknowledge when your opponent is right. or even to acknowledge when your point would require a violation of “pick your battles”. this doesn’t mean you agree with your opponent. this doesn’t mean you lost. this just means that your argument is bested by your opponent, and you don’t have one to supersede it.
  6. you can’t pick your friends
    everyone has different reasons for what they believe. when you make a point, anyone in the debate might take your side on that point. you can’t pick your enemies either. so be as nice as possible to everyone, because you never know when they’ll agree with you on something you didn’t expect them to.
  7. remember what you’re (not) fighting for
    don’t assume that your way of looking at things is infallible. always bear in mind what your non-negotiables are. don’t fight your non-negotiables, because no progress can be made there. if you get into a debate, assume that you might be proven wrong, so make sure it’s a debate that’s not hard-wired to your world view.

violating items 1 and 2 may also get your post removed or your IP banned.

anonymous commenting:
it’s available for when you need it, but unless you’re really spilling the beans, it’s best to at least give us something to call you. your email won’t be shared or shown, ever. it just means that when you comment more than once you don’t have to wait for your comment to be approved. I’m not into censoring, approved just means that i’m sure you’re not an advertising bot.