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I only see in infrared

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I planed to finish this theme before i rebooted this site, so that I’d only have to worry about customizing my own version of it. instead, life got crazy, and i stopped working on it for a few months. So I’ve had to backport some things from this site, and i’ve developed a bunch of features for the theme, that i have yet to put to use here. So a month late, here it is: A fluid width, light on dark theme with lots of CMS features. Based on the rich semantics of the Sandbox theme

Read about the features | Check out the Demo Blog | Download



  • How is it that automattic can complain about users not knowing the difference between their commercial service, and the open source blogging tool, when they continue to blur and erase the line themselves? and if we assume that it’s not a mistake, and they meant to use their 2nd most popular plugin to advertise wordpress.com in user’s sidebars, wouldn’t that contradict Matt’s whining about PPP and TLA?
  • Reverend Ted has novell’s jab at the mac vs. pc ads. Novell continues to distance themselves from other linuxes (linuxi?) by not taking a whiny nerd-boy stab at apple, but actually shifting the discussion. making linux a woman makes apple immediately look sexist. remember the one woman in the mac ads? she was a peripheral(second class citizen much?) and involved in substantial confusion between networks and peripherals (typical of most mac fanboys, in my experience).
  • i don’t know what these stats are. or why they keep showing up in my dashboard. they could be my overall stats if the years were different.
  • I really like the ideas forum. as much as opensearch and noindex could be theme competencies, they make more sense as wordpress core competencies. i really don’t want to be responsible for correctly addressing introspection.
  • this slide is brilliant. yet another reason i love last.fm. i’m not quite sure why that woman has become such a “receptacle for people’s rage” (the wifest’s words).  lettting that sort of slander be a defining characteristic of last.fm’s service was bringing them down.
  • i have a twitter page now, but no use for it.  other than keeping track of the wordpress.com servers.
  • i’m using mr. messina’s filigree graphic everywhere, because it’s so easy to color.  i need to find a GPL replacement for it, or draw my own, though.  GPL graphics are damn hard to find.


linkslist screenshot

The Links List is now preserved for posterity in the new plugin directory. It’s a lot simpler than i imagined, although it seems that the old plugin site doesn’t see it as a new plugin (not that i wanted it to), so i imagine that frontend is going to be deprecated pretty quickly (or maybe that’s just wishful thinking).

I’m still hoping this doesn’t mean there will be a similar new directory for themes, since

  • the licensing needs are substantially different
  • the potential for abuse is higher (people uploading themes they don’t have the rights to)

It wouldn’t be without benefit, but i don’t see it having the same feeling that the plugin directory does. And, as I’ve said before, themes will find their own repositories and homepages, regardless of the presence of an official repository. whether it’s designers being fussy, or the nature of skins and themes being somewhat “other” is up for debate, but it’s unlikely that wordpress will ever find that one home for wordpress themes.

Exposing the Lurkers

Engtech is posting everywhere about MyBlogLog making a widget for WordPress.com blogs. I don’t know that the Custom CSS upgrade is actually necessary. I hope not, background-color:teal; is really ugly, so i changed it.

Kudos to MyBlogLog. they’re pulling the same trick as feedburner’s feedflare, calling images that are actually generated on the fly. It’s a much better solution than javascript. the more companies that realize this, and starting running GD scripts in order to appeal to the myspace crowd, the less whining from people like scoble about wordpress.com’s perfectly valid security settings.

i have yet to see whether it works, though. I don’t know if i should have the community pointed at sbk.wp.com, or sbk.archgfx.net.

flickrRSS is now a widget

eightface // flickrRSS plugin for WordPress

dave updated flickrRSS so it’s now a widget. i’ve been waiting for this for a while, since i like my widgets to integrate, rather than looking like i shoved flickr’s JS badge in a text widget.

also, the admin panel has been moved from the presentation page to the options page, which makes a hell of a lot more sense.
unfortunately, calling the flickrRSS from the widget interface means there’s no easy way to style the thing. so here’s the hack:

in the flickrRSS options page, change the ‘before’ to <li class="sb-flickr">

and add the following to your style.css:





li.sb-flickr {

margin-left: 2px !important;

padding: 0px;

text-indent: none;




li.sb-flickr a, li.sb-flickr a:hover, li.sb-flickr a:visited {

text-decoration: none;

border: none !important;


background:transparent !important;


li.sb-flickr a img {

 border: 1px solid #ccc;

 margin: 0 2px 2px 0;


li.sb-flickr a:hover img {

 border: 1px solid #0FA1B8;


that’ll make it look like the builtin support i gave the version 3.0 in disconnected (which i blatantly stole from k2).

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