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according to the latest pagerank chasing idocy, archGFX is a b-list bloglebrity.
B-List Blogger
this blog is c-list
C-List Blogger.
of course, the c-list on this blog comes from links outside of #footer, so i can’t expect to hold on to my b-list status. as if that was something worth holding onto.

at least kineda is good at garnering pagerank, if nothing else. (he made it to newsgator’s latest buzz with this one).

the rounded corners club

9rules posted their round 4 open admissions last night. a few of my favorite wordpressers are now 9rulesers, or something:

Obvious by exclusion is Kristin Pishdadi, whose gorgeous photography, and wonderful tutorials should have made her a shoo-in. Also odd is the inclusion of lorelle.wordpress.com. maybe that's just because i disagree with her so much of the time.

anyway, congratulations, and stuff.