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I only see in infrared

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I planed to finish this theme before i rebooted this site, so that I’d only have to worry about customizing my own version of it. instead, life got crazy, and i stopped working on it for a few months. So I’ve had to backport some things from this site, and i’ve developed a bunch of features for the theme, that i have yet to put to use here. So a month late, here it is: A fluid width, light on dark theme with lots of CMS features. Based on the rich semantics of the Sandbox theme

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Hungry Plugins

i have to write this down right now, because there’s no way i’m going to remember later. The new design on my blog is loading slow as all fucking hell, so i’m starting to trim out some of the unnecessary crap. I dumped all of the ELA CSS into it’s own file, which i thought would help. it didn’t.

turns out, ELA loads that CSS file on wp_head(); for every page. so i dug into the plugin and fixed that so it only loads on the page with ELA. On line 95 and line 121, where it says echo $text;, replace that with

if (is_page('history')) {
	echo $text; }

or just download my changes, and check it out yourself: af-extended-live-archivephps.txt
You’ll need to change ‘history’ to the name of the page that you’re using ELA on. or just remove everything inside the parentheses, and it’ll load on all pages, but not the index or single posts.But there’s even still a bigger offender: UTW loads the AJAX for the tag search on every page, too. in ultimate-tag-warrior-actions.php, on line 734, make your code look like this:

if (is_page('history')) { echo ""; }
	if (is_page('history')) { echo ""; }

same notes about the page name apply. Now i just have to clear up the validation errors in my CSS and compress it, and i should be lightening the load for my dial-up friends. y’know, as light as i can get with an 800×800 background image. 😉

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