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linkslist screenshot

The Links List is now preserved for posterity in the new plugin directory. It’s a lot simpler than i imagined, although it seems that the old plugin site doesn’t see it as a new plugin (not that i wanted it to), so i imagine that frontend is going to be deprecated pretty quickly (or maybe that’s just wishful thinking).

I’m still hoping this doesn’t mean there will be a similar new directory for themes, since

  • the licensing needs are substantially different
  • the potential for abuse is higher (people uploading themes they don’t have the rights to)

It wouldn’t be without benefit, but i don’t see it having the same feeling that the plugin directory does. And, as I’ve said before, themes will find their own repositories and homepages, regardless of the presence of an official repository. whether it’s designers being fussy, or the nature of skins and themes being somewhat “other” is up for debate, but it’s unlikely that wordpress will ever find that one home for wordpress themes.


Hosting a theme on Sourceforge, PT. 1

The advantages of sourceforge hosting are all things that all themes should have: demo blog, screenshots, download stats, nationwide download mirrors, SVN repository, bug tracker, forums. All things you could provide from your own web host, but not only would it cost a fair chunk, having bugs and support show up as comments on your blog can get to be a bit unweildy. For any GPL theme, sourceforge hosting is Free as in beer. unfortunately, getting set up on sourceforge isn’t a cakewalk. so i’m going to attempt to index their documentation in a more straightforward manner. Part 2 will explain how to install wordpress on your project’s website, to give you a fully featured demo site.

This gets a tad long