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WordPress CMS: Sane Menus

Over the past couple days i’ve moved my entire portfolio from static HTML pages to wordpress pages. for the moment i’m using one template for all of them. With static HTML I was using 1 template per project, which let me show only the current project’s pages in the side menu, and the list of projects in the top menu. (example). With Using 1 template, it’s tempting to use <?php wp_list_pages() ?> to generate the side menu. except that i have A LOT of pages. 38 at last count. So I want the side menu to only show the list of projects, and the list of subpages for the current project.

While I could do something like hiding .pagelist ul ul ul in CSS, and then making .pagelist ul li.current_page_item visible, the nexted lists under .current_page_item always looked kind of stupid, since there’s no way to style them individually. So I looked to squible. because I remembered karrde dealing with a submenu that showed other children of the current page’s parent. so now my menu looks like this:

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squible reboot


Originally uploaded by sunburntkamel.

yeah, that whole idea of giving squible a sidebar is giving me second thoughts.
i still love having a sidebar. but the way things are sliced, i have to be on tiptoes about not having my sidebar get longer than my content. that means i’ve already maxed out my neat little friends area. boo.
also, i have a very small amount of information i can store in my bottom block. so i have 2 options:
option 1:
keep the black sidebar, but split it at the seam in the main panel, so that i can fit more in the bottom block, and let the sidebar flow down past the bottom of the squiggly.

  1. the bottom edge of the squiggly isn’t clean. i don’t want to re-render to make it such
  2. i have to double all of my CSS selectors. the CSS is already 12Kb

option 2:
flip the sidebar to the left side, and widen the images. dispose of the black section altogether. despite the fact that i really like the black section, this will make the blog more aesthetically similar to other sections of the site.

  1. requires re-slicing the images.
  2. left sidebar on a right-weighted image: might draw your eye to the content, might just be completely unbalanced.

WordPress 2.0 Sucks

i told myself i wouldn't upgrade my main blog. i told myself i was happy enough with the feature set of 1.5.2. since 2.0 fixed no security bugs, there was no reason to upgrade. especially after upgrading my test blog had gone so badly. (upgrading from 2.0 RC1).
but then i found out that squible beta 1 would be 2.0 only. i love squible, and i wanted the new features beta 1 promised. so i upgraded.

fortunately, i fared better this time. my upgrade actually took. but saying it worked would be quite a stretch. first thing to happen: none of my admin panels would open (except the dashboard). fortunately logging out and dumping the cache worked.

second thing i noticed: my feed stopped working. well, actually feedburner just says the root of the document is malformed. what's a blog without a feed? 1999.

thrid thing i noticed: squible is now spewing mySQL errors. ok, switch to another theme. k2 is spewing fewer errors. but there are no post pages. no, wait, all of my permalinks are broken. after a whole lot of futzing, i try editting the blog URI, because everything seems to be missing the 'index.php' section of the address.

now my blog's completely fucked. it can't read it's stylesheet, i can't use any of the admin pages, so i can't even fix the error. i try digging through phpMyAdmin, but i'm not an SQL expert, so i have no idea where to find or how to fix the blog URI value. as of writing, no one's responded on the support forums.

the thing that pisses me off is posts like this by wordpress team members, who make it seem like there's something wrong with you if you're not upgrading.

i ran a test blog, i ran the release candidates, but what was released barely resembled the release candidates. what was released was as stable as my ass after a couple burritos.

so as soon as i can, i'll be removing 2.0, reinstalling 1.5.2, and most likely having to wipe and re-import my database. (the downgrade script notwithstanding)(i think if i try the downgrade script i'll have the same blog URI issue with 1.5.2).

Why i use squible, and how it could be better


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despite being super slick looking, this image is a great example of what’s wrong with 90% of blogs.

scrolling. and scrolling. and more scrolling.
it’s the freebird of user interfaces. squible defaults to posting only an excerpt of one entry, and linking to the rest. i’m not sure about excerpting the post, but showing only one post at a time is much better. linking to old articles in the next spot down ensures that anyone used to reading blogs will at least have something to click on, even if the miles of old entries aren’t there.

still, there are some things that aren’t intuitive. when you go into any archive page, all you get are excerpts. excerpts stripped of any formatting, and with no (read more…) link. especially in the case of the asides category, this isn’t the most usable.
asides are generally a quick post with a link. if there’s no link, why are we reading it? might as well just be a headline.
simple enough to fix, i just need the time to do it.

squible’s absent blogroll

wordpress is really excellent.
so is squible’s theme.
it’s so good, it makes me want more.
since squible doesn’t use a sidebar (which is a blessing and a curse), there’s no place to put your blogroll. i built mine into the bottom section anyway, but i also added a friends page, a bit like livejournal. but right now it’s a manually editted list running through the CG-Feedreed plugin. i need to find a way to make it automatic, have some wordpress tags in there to grab the rss feeds from my friends list.