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Buckshot, EP. 2: Social Networking sites

There is no ‘the next myspace’. there will be other sites that replicate pieces of that experience.

  • case 1 – virb.com: since signing up, i have been bombarded by friend requests from bands, and have visited their pages to find customized pages and music samples. this is one part of the myspace experience. although it’s been championed by the grown up myspace haters for it’s visual panache, it’s not something i want a part of.
  • case 2 – facebook.com: since signing up, i have been plunged into old friendships that have been buried by time and distance. it’s the same experience i had when i added my real name to my myspace profile. except with less blinking text, annoying music, and ugly slideshows.
  • using the ‘posted items’ feature on facebook led me to understand which sites value my presence there, via the meta description tag on my profile pages:
    • case 1 – Last.fm:

      Listen to sunburntkamel’s personal radio station (17,480 tracks played). sunburntkamel’s top artists: dredg, Cursive, In Flames, Hot Water Music, The Appleseed Cast, Opeth. Favourite tags are seen live, emo, Progressive rock. Get your own music profile at Last.fm, the world’s largest social music platform.

    • case 2 – flickr:

      Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and privately show photos to your friends and family, or blog the photos you take with a cameraphone.

    for flickr, i am an advertising vehicle. last.fm does their advertising in the description of their home page, not my profile:

    The world’s largest social music platform. Show off your taste, see what your friends are listening to, hear new music, get personal radio, recommendations, and downloads, all for free.

    can you guess which site’s persuaded me to support their efforts?


Defective Themes: Duplicate Content

Talking to Rob about his nifty architecture blog search engine, I realized just how important things like the Duplicate Content Cure Plugin are. Not just for fear of being kicked out of google, but because it makes your search results real. By default, your monthly, category, tag, and author pages (if they exist) show up, and force your relevant blog posts ‘below the fold’. Worse still, old articles won’t show up on category pages, despite being the reason a person landed on your blog. That’s exactly what happens with a search engine that searches only blogs, without using google’s blogsearch: pages and pages of archives, before you get to actual posts.

So, the plugin is nice, but you can also do it in themes, just add:

 <?php if ( is_category() || is_archive() || is_search() || is_author() ) { ?>

    <meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow"><?php

} ?>

<?php if (function_exists('is_tag')) { if ( is_tag() ) { ?>

    <meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow">

<?php } } ?>

to header.php. The UTW stuff (is_tag()) is a little annoying, but other than that, it’s boilerplate.


lorelle’s latest challenge precludes you from using your own name, but not the names of your posts. that would be too easy, though, so i dug in my stats a bit, and suddenly wondered why one of my custom CSS templates was so much more popular than the others: oh, that’s because people are googling for a wordpress fork. if ever there was a metric for dissatisfaction with the hierarchy of your project, surely this is it.

Domain Mapping and SEO

I domain mapped this blog to a subdomain of archGFX earlier this month, based on the idea that it would be beneficial to the visibility of my main site. I’m not sure how successful that’s been, since i’m not really sure how all this works.


google seems to be aware that sbk.wp.com = sbk.archgfx.net.


Except that external pagerank checkers don’t see things that way. sbk.archgfx.net gets 0 from blogflux’ pagerank checker, while sbk.wp.com still holds down a 6. Google PageRank Checker Tool
Also, as far as their blogsearch is concerned, sbk.wp.com is doing far better than sbk.archgfx.net, with no overlap in links.


Yahoo inlinks chart

After changing my yahoo! site explorer account to check archgfx.net rather than http://www.archgfx.net, my inlinks doubled. That’s because they’re counting inlinks to sbk.wp.com as well, so they get the prize for handling the domain mapping the best.


it pains me to even mention technorati. People who use technorati as any sort of metric, seem to also think that 10 is a valid sample size. Nonetheless, a technorati rank is some sort of badge of how cool you are. technorati falls prey to the same trap as google’s blogsearch, maintaining separate rankings for both addresses. having only looked at google and yahoo’s webmaster tools, i wasn’t aware that i hadn’t maintained my ranking, until i read //engtech’s rundown on trying to get technorati to fix their rankings. Technorati still removes anyone who gets their ranking by distributing blog software that links back to their site. That sort of lack of skill (google’s blogsearch is perfectly capable of removing backlinks to archgfx that come from disconnected) coupled with a lack of value for those who give back to the community really makes it hard to trust them.

social bookmarks on wordpress.com

This is an addendum to raincoaster‘s operation global media domination. I never saw the value in these, since i already have my own del.icio.us button in my browser. but she says they drive 10% of her traffic, so I guess I’m not most people. Here are the icons for the various social bookmarking sites:

Blinkslist :: del.icio.us :: digg :: furl :: ma.gnolia :: newsvine :: reddit :: tailrank :: Simpy :: fark :: Stumble It!

they’re all hosted on wordpress.com, so you can use them ‘as-is’ if your blog is hosted on wordpress.com. if you’re running wordpress on your own host, I highly recommend alex king’s share this plugin, or the sociable plugin. (in fact, i grabbed the icons from these plugins). If you’re not running wordpress, you must not be cool, and therefore, I cannot help you. 😉

First thing, you’ll want to grab the code. it’s in this text file:
Social Bookmarking Template

Next, publish your post. Then open up the template in a text editor (Notepad on windows, textedit on mac). You’ll want to go to Edit > Replace (or Find and Replace), and replace any instances of xURIx with the address of your post (this is why you had to publish it first).

Find and Replace

Now do the same thing, and replace xTITLEx with the title of your post. You’ll want to put + signs in place of spaces, though (e.g. social+bookmarks+on+wordpress.com) so that the links work. After that, select everything and copy it.

Now go back to your post and edit it. if you’re using the rich text editor, you’ll need to switch over to the (scary) code tab. paste all this at the end of your post.

Bookmark This:

add to del.icio.us :: Add to Blinkslist :: add to furl :: add to ma.gnolia :: Stumble It! :: add to simpy :: seed the vine :: :: :: TailRank

memes and SEO aren’t always bad.

there’s a bit of a meme, related to white supremacists having Pwned MLK’s name on google searches. since the domain in question includes his name, his estate could probably sue, and replace the content with something more fair, but in the mean time…

Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King

my favorite being the 3rd one down, which details his campaign for human rights for the poor.


I would have thought that my first paid upgrade would be custom CSS, with all the work i’ve put into that. Instead, it’s domain mapping. At the moment i’m talking with the firm i work at about web design and search engine placement. Given what matt said about wordpress.com rankings, i figured the more juice for archgfx.net, the better an example it would be.

UPDATE:  if the blue wp.com bar isn’t showing up on the top of this site, (or any other domain mapped wp.com site), you may need to add *.wordpress.com to your trusted sites (in internet options > security > trusted sites (switching to firefox or opera is still a better solution)).