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lorelle’s latest challenge precludes you from using your own name, but not the names of your posts. that would be too easy, though, so i dug in my stats a bit, and suddenly wondered why one of my custom CSS templates was so much more popular than the others: oh, that’s because people are googling for a wordpress fork. if ever there was a metric for dissatisfaction with the hierarchy of your project, surely this is it.


Searching for comments

It’s generally been agreed that the search built into wordpress doesn’t work terribly well. mainly due to it’s failure to index comments.  Being that i don’t know javascript, i staunchly refuse to dump the livesearch into anything i do.  Well, that and the fact that it takes a good 10 seconds to run on any site that’s not as optimized as wordpress.com.

Seeing the search on wordpress.org, i found an idea. Yahoo!’s search API is wide open, and they have plenty of Example Code. (important for me, since i’m no expert) it still needs a hell of a lot of tweaking, but it should be relatively easy to integrate into a theme, since theme authors can control what the results page looks like.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing should be implemented as a plugin. which means going the route of falbum, or UTW, or whathaveyou, and distributing a basic template, and giving instructions on how to integrate it.