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5 things you don’t know about me meme

i have been tagged by timethief, for this meme that’s been flowing rather circularly around wordpress.com. I’m really bad at writing about myself, so i’m going to cull this list from my soopr sekrit journal that wp.com keeps trying to expose:

  1. i am allergic to cats, and i’ve never lived more than a year without one in the house.
  2. if i hadn’t gone to school for architecture, i would have gone to seminary.
  3. i rearrange and tidy grocery store shelves without realizing it.
  4. i am lazy. one of my hard drives failed 9 months ago, and i have yet to remove the stupid thing.
  5. when the (vegan) wifest leaves me home alone, i eat nothing but burritos and slim jims.

i’m running out of wp.com forum regulars to tag with this (hell, even wank got tagged). anyway, i’ll tag doctashock, nick, andy, sulz, and blaze.


Private Tags

I must have missed this in the announcement.  When you set your blog to either private or invisible to search engines, you get your tags back.  You know, the tags that you assign to your posts.  The tags above this post link to the global tag page, and the only way to view this blog by tag is to dig through my ‘history’ page, and the unwieldy list of tags there.

It makes sense, since private and unsearchable blog posts don’t show up on global tag pages, so there would be no way for users to click back to the private blog.  pretty cool.