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the only reason i feel secure is that i am validated by my peers

Valid RSS

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i a sincerely apologize to everyone whose had to read all these geeky entries. regularly scheduled programming will resume shortly.

i had to change the following in /wp-includes/functions.php:

function gzip_compression() {
  	if ( !get_settings('gzipcompression') ) return false;
    	if ( extension_loaded('zlib') ) {
  	}  }


 function gzip_compression() {
  	if ( !get_settings('gzipcompression') ) return false;
     	}  }

UPDATE: it occurs to me that valid xml should equal functioning pingbacks


WordPress 2.0 Sucks

i told myself i wouldn't upgrade my main blog. i told myself i was happy enough with the feature set of 1.5.2. since 2.0 fixed no security bugs, there was no reason to upgrade. especially after upgrading my test blog had gone so badly. (upgrading from 2.0 RC1).
but then i found out that squible beta 1 would be 2.0 only. i love squible, and i wanted the new features beta 1 promised. so i upgraded.

fortunately, i fared better this time. my upgrade actually took. but saying it worked would be quite a stretch. first thing to happen: none of my admin panels would open (except the dashboard). fortunately logging out and dumping the cache worked.

second thing i noticed: my feed stopped working. well, actually feedburner just says the root of the document is malformed. what's a blog without a feed? 1999.

thrid thing i noticed: squible is now spewing mySQL errors. ok, switch to another theme. k2 is spewing fewer errors. but there are no post pages. no, wait, all of my permalinks are broken. after a whole lot of futzing, i try editting the blog URI, because everything seems to be missing the 'index.php' section of the address.

now my blog's completely fucked. it can't read it's stylesheet, i can't use any of the admin pages, so i can't even fix the error. i try digging through phpMyAdmin, but i'm not an SQL expert, so i have no idea where to find or how to fix the blog URI value. as of writing, no one's responded on the support forums.

the thing that pisses me off is posts like this by wordpress team members, who make it seem like there's something wrong with you if you're not upgrading.

i ran a test blog, i ran the release candidates, but what was released barely resembled the release candidates. what was released was as stable as my ass after a couple burritos.

so as soon as i can, i'll be removing 2.0, reinstalling 1.5.2, and most likely having to wipe and re-import my database. (the downgrade script notwithstanding)(i think if i try the downgrade script i'll have the same blog URI issue with 1.5.2).