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ICHC obsession


so yeah. apparently when you set up a subdomain with bluehost it IMMEDIATELYDONOTPASSGODONOTCOLLECT$200 deletes any CNAME records for said subdomain. odd, considering that you have to petition their support to even add CNAME records.

So no, i didn’t mean to move this blog off of wordpress.com (gratuitous link for people who meant to continue surfing their dashboard) right this very second, i was going to do it eventually. I was planning on giving mark & co. a little more time to take me out of the global tags. granted, i did already have a conversation to that effect:


Mark: “We’ll keep a close eye on that one, can’t trust one hippy let alone a whole bunch 🙂 ”

clearly, my continued obsession with icanhascheezburger is hampering my ability to communicate with anyone who is not inside my head.


Naked 2.0

dunstin’s site has a new web2.0 looking logo this year. so that your site isn’t as ugly as last year. it’s not really important, though. the whole concept is still

self serving, confusing and disenfranchising to users

so no, i’m still not doing it.

standards are nothing if they’re not also best practices.

What not to post

best blogging rubric evar: “i don’t blog about who i date, what i ate, my weight, or who i hate“.
via violet blue.

obviously not something i adhere to. but if you wanted to write something important, it would be a good rule.


lorelle’s latest challenge precludes you from using your own name, but not the names of your posts. that would be too easy, though, so i dug in my stats a bit, and suddenly wondered why one of my custom CSS templates was so much more popular than the others: oh, that’s because people are googling for a wordpress fork. if ever there was a metric for dissatisfaction with the hierarchy of your project, surely this is it.

Exposing the Lurkers

Engtech is posting everywhere about MyBlogLog making a widget for WordPress.com blogs. I don’t know that the Custom CSS upgrade is actually necessary. I hope not, background-color:teal; is really ugly, so i changed it.

Kudos to MyBlogLog. they’re pulling the same trick as feedburner’s feedflare, calling images that are actually generated on the fly. It’s a much better solution than javascript. the more companies that realize this, and starting running GD scripts in order to appeal to the myspace crowd, the less whining from people like scoble about wordpress.com’s perfectly valid security settings.

i have yet to see whether it works, though. I don’t know if i should have the community pointed at sbk.wp.com, or sbk.archgfx.net.

2006 snapshots

i’ve been tagged by britgirl:

first line of the first post of each month for 2006:

i told myself i wouldn’t, 1 so i just need to see if, 2 the internet is all one big popularity contest. 3 i’ve installed 4 a moment of hubris this weekend, 5 a laundry list of hand-wringing apologies, 6 dave updated. 7 i need to have british friends visit more often. 8 i’m currently debating 9 favorite albums. 10 My name is Bobbin. It likes playing outside. I will carry out what and will play today. 11 alright, Mullenweig, you win. 12

that required a whole lot of trimming and fudging to keep from being completely boring 😉
and now, i’m off to prioritize dancing baby penguins