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Yet Another I Hate IE Post

So, i’m working on a redesign for arghGFX, that will probably show up here as well, since it’s sandbox-based. and i’m thinking that i’ve got quite the slick vertical header, when i happen to test my complex layout in IE. not only is the layout completely wrong, but my colors are broken, too:

screenshot after the jump, for the dialup kids


Firefox Users are Smarter

I’m kind of a geek. Most of my friends at least have geek leanings. My new job is the first one I’ve had that hasn’t been terribly geeky. It’s opening my eyes to all sorts of bizarre trends.

In October, both Microsoft and The Mozilla Foundation updated their (free) web browsers. On the 18th, Microsoft released IE7. On The 24th, Mozilla released Firefox 2.0. Since then, 51% of the visitors to archGFX have used firefox, and 39% have used internet explorer. (not surprising, given the nature of my site, although certainly not typical).

The most disturbing difference between the two types of visitors is the version of the browser they are using.

large graphs after the jump

IE7, finally

I got IE upgraded to a decent browser, finally. following their instructions did get me there, kinda. where they say:

In the Find what box, type IECUSTOM: Key is still unwriteable.

That search got me nothing. I actually had to just search for “unwriteable”. and the registry keys i had to change were none of what they suggested. they were all under HKCR, and things like /.application/.xaml. oh, and i ran the install in safe mode.

archGFX looks fine, since despite the star-html hacks not working, the transparent *.PNG’s do, and the menu that looks so jumbled in 6 looks fine. at least until you hover over it.

the thin line has the same issues it’s always had, and i’m still not sure what to do with that.  the only place it’s really popular is on deviantart, and i doubt those downloaders are actually installing it.