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ICHC obsession


so yeah. apparently when you set up a subdomain with bluehost it IMMEDIATELYDONOTPASSGODONOTCOLLECT$200 deletes any CNAME records for said subdomain. odd, considering that you have to petition their support to even add CNAME records.

So no, i didn’t mean to move this blog off of wordpress.com (gratuitous link for people who meant to continue surfing their dashboard) right this very second, i was going to do it eventually. I was planning on giving mark & co. a little more time to take me out of the global tags. granted, i did already have a conversation to that effect:


Mark: “We’ll keep a close eye on that one, can’t trust one hippy let alone a whole bunch 🙂 ”

clearly, my continued obsession with icanhascheezburger is hampering my ability to communicate with anyone who is not inside my head.


venus flytrap indeed.

matt thinks he loves theme designers. it’s baffling to me, then, why he feels the need to keep changing the titles and descriptions of their themes, once they’re installed on wordpress.com.

the 281(3) incident (where he renamed it twenty-eight thirteen, despite it being a 3-column version of 281, which was named after paul’s mustang) was amusing, although i’m mystified as to why they’ve removed it. perhaps because it’s licensed as non-commercial, which wordpress certainly isn’t. but then, it’s built on top of GPL themes, so technically it can’t be non-commercial.

the best, though, is fauna. sometime recently, they changed the description to: “A beautiful two-column theme with a gigantic flower header.”  now, if you read joen’s description, it says “A living Organism characterized by voluntary movement.”  Flowers don’t move voluntarily.  someone’s forgotten their biology. I also wonder why, if you’re going to change anything about the theme you wouldn’t add widgets.  or, you know, updated it.

Bathroom Icons need lovin’ too…

via the FAQ feed, i learn that I can now post daily motion videos. Not that this is a stunning revalation in and of itself, it’s the fourth such flash-based video that has its own posting mechanism on wordpress.com. but daily motion is one of the few that actually has a reasonable policy regarding adult content. since wordpress.com is a common carrier, that means it’s entirely in my hands whether i distribute porn on the internet or not. Gasp! Shock! Horror!.

if you are under 18, stop reading now.

2006 snapshots

i’ve been tagged by britgirl:

first line of the first post of each month for 2006:

i told myself i wouldn’t, 1 so i just need to see if, 2 the internet is all one big popularity contest. 3 i’ve installed 4 a moment of hubris this weekend, 5 a laundry list of hand-wringing apologies, 6 dave updated. 7 i need to have british friends visit more often. 8 i’m currently debating 9 favorite albums. 10 My name is Bobbin. It likes playing outside. I will carry out what and will play today. 11 alright, Mullenweig, you win. 12

that required a whole lot of trimming and fudging to keep from being completely boring 😉
and now, i’m off to prioritize dancing baby penguins