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Christmas Nachos

More and more, it’s looking like the reasons for matt disliking barthelme had less to do with the link in the footer, than some personal dislike. i say this because it’s christmas. and my brand new christmas theme has a footer link to a very sploggy looking christmas site. the link in my dashboard is a to a subdomain with information about the theme.

Vermillion footer

Now, granted, christmas is about as ad-ridden and commercial as holidays come. But if it’s ok to choose a theme with a link like this, and leave the link in the footer, then surely it would have been ok to install barthelme, and remove the link to flower delivery? At least with Scott, we know who he is. Keith (of amazing christmas ideas) was too scared of being linked to his splog, so he registered with domainsbyproxy.com.

I suspect that the real issue is that it would’ve been too difficult to re-write Ozh’s theme toolkit from scratch, so that barthelme’s fantastic font options would be available to wordpress.com users.

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Garland: A Chronology in Point Form

Post Script

in which it becomes clear that scoble is, in fact, a freeloader.

You’re a VIP, and you’re still not happy? Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

Seriously, you already got a custom template, and the right to run ads on a service that no one else does, and you want more?

I mean, there are people asking for this stuff every day on the forums. but they didn’t get a sweet deal from matt. they got face value, possibly before there was even so much as a TOS.

They don’t have the ability to change their template files, but they can buy a CSS upgrade. Components from other web companies? did you mean like meebo? or like flickr? del.icio.us? or perhaps you have an RSS feed you’d like to display?

wordpress.com stops you short in one place, and one place only. javascript. (well, flash too, but i’ve seen few complaints about that). the only reason you think that javascript is a limitation is because the host of a million splogs lets you add them. And you see where that got them. It’s not a new limitation to the million of mypace users. or livejournal users. or xanga users. or msn spaces users.

so, yes, robert, i’d choose wordpress.com for any blog for myself or any of my friends. it’s got the horsepower under the hood, without the stigma of being a dramafest for teenage girls. But then, I know more CSS tricks than most folks. and the flexibility of the sandbox is lost on those who don’t.