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it bewilders me that this image is present on the header of Small Potato‘s recently added theme. Small Potato is a decent guy, and after it was pointed out that using the cover of a movie as a header image wasn’t exactly following the letter of copyright law, he announced that people should change it, and modified the theme to remove it. The theme is beautiful in its own right, without the header. How, then, did it sneak past the wordpress.com admins’ notice that the image shouldn’t be installed here?

you might think that they were distracted or confused by the recent license change at wpdesigner, (despite neo-sapien having always been GPL), except that as i mentioned, the theme isn’t available with that header anymore. given that matt doesn’t really understand the concept of relicensing, or why the GPL is such a pain in the ass for designers, i guess i shouldn’t be surprised.

then again, maybe i’m wrong. maybe matt did fork over some cash to Dreamworks to license their IP for all of us here on wordpress.com. personally, i’d think the money could be spent on something better, (like a lawyer) but i’m just a user.