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I only see in infrared

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I planed to finish this theme before i rebooted this site, so that I’d only have to worry about customizing my own version of it. instead, life got crazy, and i stopped working on it for a few months. So I’ve had to backport some things from this site, and i’ve developed a bunch of features for the theme, that i have yet to put to use here. So a month late, here it is: A fluid width, light on dark theme with lots of CMS features. Based on the rich semantics of the Sandbox theme

Read about the features | Check out the Demo Blog | Download


WordPress CMS: Sane Menus

Over the past couple days i’ve moved my entire portfolio from static HTML pages to wordpress pages. for the moment i’m using one template for all of them. With static HTML I was using 1 template per project, which let me show only the current project’s pages in the side menu, and the list of projects in the top menu. (example). With Using 1 template, it’s tempting to use <?php wp_list_pages() ?> to generate the side menu. except that i have A LOT of pages. 38 at last count. So I want the side menu to only show the list of projects, and the list of subpages for the current project.

While I could do something like hiding .pagelist ul ul ul in CSS, and then making .pagelist ul li.current_page_item visible, the nexted lists under .current_page_item always looked kind of stupid, since there’s no way to style them individually. So I looked to squible. because I remembered karrde dealing with a submenu that showed other children of the current page’s parent. so now my menu looks like this:

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