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More feature rollback

top 20 bloggerskristin posted about being listed as one of the top 20 chicago bloggers. internets being what they are, i figured i had an obligation to do better than 59th next year. So, I listed this blog on chicagobloggers, too. After filling out their form, i copied the ping address, and went to my options panel.

😕 apparently pinging anything other than ping-o-mattic is now illegal. between nofollow being disavowed and the atom API turnabout, wank’s post should’ve been tagged 2007 predictions. apparently it’s more confusing to have users accidentally ping services more than once, than to try to explain why wp.com is more crippled than any other blogging service.


Christmas Nachos

More and more, it’s looking like the reasons for matt disliking barthelme had less to do with the link in the footer, than some personal dislike. i say this because it’s christmas. and my brand new christmas theme has a footer link to a very sploggy looking christmas site. the link in my dashboard is a to a subdomain with information about the theme.

Vermillion footer

Now, granted, christmas is about as ad-ridden and commercial as holidays come. But if it’s ok to choose a theme with a link like this, and leave the link in the footer, then surely it would have been ok to install barthelme, and remove the link to flower delivery? At least with Scott, we know who he is. Keith (of amazing christmas ideas) was too scared of being linked to his splog, so he registered with domainsbyproxy.com.

I suspect that the real issue is that it would’ve been too difficult to re-write Ozh’s theme toolkit from scratch, so that barthelme’s fantastic font options would be available to wordpress.com users.

via Blogger’s Blurt.


according to the latest pagerank chasing idocy, archGFX is a b-list bloglebrity.
B-List Blogger
this blog is c-list
C-List Blogger.
of course, the c-list on this blog comes from links outside of #footer, so i can’t expect to hold on to my b-list status. as if that was something worth holding onto.

at least kineda is good at garnering pagerank, if nothing else. (he made it to newsgator’s latest buzz with this one).

oh dear god.

WordCamp 2006

seriously, everything that i want to do this summer is that week in august.  muse, peeping tom, a silver mt. zion, and jonah matranga are all playing in chicago that week, my father-in-law is on the continent for the 1 time this year, but i’m not doing any of it.

because my wife’s best friend is visiting from england.  which will be awesome as well.  it’s just fucked up timing like whoa.  every time i hear about something now, i just write it off, because i know it’ll be during that week.

the rounded corners club

9rules posted their round 4 open admissions last night. a few of my favorite wordpressers are now 9rulesers, or something:

Obvious by exclusion is Kristin Pishdadi, whose gorgeous photography, and wonderful tutorials should have made her a shoo-in. Also odd is the inclusion of lorelle.wordpress.com. maybe that's just because i disagree with her so much of the time.

anyway, congratulations, and stuff.