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Yet Another I Hate IE Post

So, i’m working on a redesign for arghGFX, that will probably show up here as well, since it’s sandbox-based. and i’m thinking that i’ve got quite the slick vertical header, when i happen to test my complex layout in IE. not only is the layout completely wrong, but my colors are broken, too:

screenshot after the jump, for the dialup kids


Firefox Users are Smarter

I’m kind of a geek. Most of my friends at least have geek leanings. My new job is the first one I’ve had that hasn’t been terribly geeky. It’s opening my eyes to all sorts of bizarre trends.

In October, both Microsoft and The Mozilla Foundation updated their (free) web browsers. On the 18th, Microsoft released IE7. On The 24th, Mozilla released Firefox 2.0. Since then, 51% of the visitors to archGFX have used firefox, and 39% have used internet explorer. (not surprising, given the nature of my site, although certainly not typical).

The most disturbing difference between the two types of visitors is the version of the browser they are using.

large graphs after the jump

Import WordPress

that page has been hanging around the admin panels in these parts for way to long to be doing this little good. I’m migrating my less professional posts off of my archGFX blog, and onto a less professional ‘posterity’ journal. turns out it’s more difficult than the simplicity of the instructions would lead you to believe.

Every other time i’ve tried to import posts on wordpress.com, i’ve lost comments, lost categories, had server timeouts that require restarting the entire process, and it’s generally been a pain. So i tried a new approach. I opened up my WXR export file in a text editor, then opened up a WXR from this blog, and compared them. [NOTE: the file generated by wordpress.com is now a *.XML file, which firefox 2 formats and asks if you’d like to subscribe to. how helpful. i switched to Opera for the remainder of the import.]

Opera 9 - Your Web, Your Choice

<!-- generator="wordpress/2.1-alpha3" created="2006-10-14 18:10"-->

that’s the first line of the local export file, for reference. It’s actually generated by whatever revision was current in SVN on the 14th, if that matters. there are plenty of differences in the files, but i went straight for the problem tag: <category> (from the WXR generated by sbk.wp.com). <category> doesn’t exist in the file generated by SVN. instead, it had <dc:subject> which is a much more professional, and crossplatform sort of field name. nonetheless, i did a find and replace. replaced 6000+ instances. i don’t know if that’s because i use UTW on archGFX, or what. (i have approximately 500 entries on archGFX).

Next, i went through and did a find and replace on all the authors, changing them over to sunburntkamel. (these are the authors on archGFX: adam, melanie, and administrator). This is because while uploading 500+ entries does take time, it doesn’t cause server timeout errors. normalizing authors does. Last time it happened, i petitioned the almighty PODZ for help, and it seems i got it (no 408 errors this time, w00t!). importing still prompted me to change the author ‘sunburntkamel’ to ‘sunburntkamel’, but at least it worked.

And after all that, and more than a few test runs on a test blog, i ran the final upload in opera. firefox, for all it’s brilliance, sees a script take that long, and throws the ‘unresponsive script’ error. Opera FTW, bless it’s little heart, plugged away at that script for damn near 20 minutes.

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