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custom headers for everyone

and little flags for theme authors.  hot damn.  i wasn’t sure removing linkslist would really be worth updating disconnected.  Since the updated bookmarks/blogroll/links (whatever the devlopers have decided for this present moment) widget is now API compliant.  And since dreamhost users appear to be stuck with an old version of the theme regardless of bugfixes (and it’s impossible to explain simple things like deleting page.php to people who get themes installed by clicking a button, rather than ftp).

but no more!  i’ll be taking matt’s advice, and fixing things up.


IE7, finally

I got IE upgraded to a decent browser, finally. following their instructions did get me there, kinda. where they say:

In the Find what box, type IECUSTOM: Key is still unwriteable.

That search got me nothing. I actually had to just search for “unwriteable”. and the registry keys i had to change were none of what they suggested. they were all under HKCR, and things like /.application/.xaml. oh, and i ran the install in safe mode.

archGFX looks fine, since despite the star-html hacks not working, the transparent *.PNG’s do, and the menu that looks so jumbled in 6 looks fine. at least until you hover over it.

the thin line has the same issues it’s always had, and i’m still not sure what to do with that.  the only place it’s really popular is on deviantart, and i doubt those downloaders are actually installing it.

No More Betas

no, really.

i need to stop installing them.
the rest of the world is off enjoying the new internet explorer 7. while i get to sit around with ugly, non-compliant old IE6. i got to dabble with beta 1 a few months ago, for a brief while. after which point, upgrading to beta 2 became impossible for reasons undefined.

It’s like an addiction. I can’t stop installing them. they’re all new and shiny, but they always hurt me. This week’s poison? AIM lite.

wtf, mate?
c’mon. how can you not love a program with a WTF (what’s this for?) button? it’s brilliant. (you can tell i’m a beta addict by the number of strangely named contact groups i’m unable to permanently merge).
I’m also loving the tabbed editor in wordpress, which allows me to actually insert an acronym, without having to write code for the rest of my post. i would love having tarski as a theme, except that they keep doing this thing where they take out all the cool features of themes they install that made the beta self-hosted versions so cool (cf. daydream, k2, etc). at least they fixed the links widget so there’s less to complain about