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from self conscious to self devouring

Since installing the recently released stats plugin, now my wordpress.org dashboard links to my wp.com dashboard


and my wordpress.com blog links to my dotorg dashboard:


which i find terribly useful.  but since my dotorg blog still links to dotcom:


it sounds like we’re going to need a bigger sticky (or perhaps we should just give up and merge the forums).



  • How is it that automattic can complain about users not knowing the difference between their commercial service, and the open source blogging tool, when they continue to blur and erase the line themselves? and if we assume that it’s not a mistake, and they meant to use their 2nd most popular plugin to advertise wordpress.com in user’s sidebars, wouldn’t that contradict Matt’s whining about PPP and TLA?
  • Reverend Ted has novell’s jab at the mac vs. pc ads. Novell continues to distance themselves from other linuxes (linuxi?) by not taking a whiny nerd-boy stab at apple, but actually shifting the discussion. making linux a woman makes apple immediately look sexist. remember the one woman in the mac ads? she was a peripheral(second class citizen much?) and involved in substantial confusion between networks and peripherals (typical of most mac fanboys, in my experience).
  • i don’t know what these stats are. or why they keep showing up in my dashboard. they could be my overall stats if the years were different.
  • I really like the ideas forum. as much as opensearch and noindex could be theme competencies, they make more sense as wordpress core competencies. i really don’t want to be responsible for correctly addressing introspection.
  • this slide is brilliant. yet another reason i love last.fm. i’m not quite sure why that woman has become such a “receptacle for people’s rage” (the wifest’s words).  lettting that sort of slander be a defining characteristic of last.fm’s service was bringing them down.
  • i have a twitter page now, but no use for it.  other than keeping track of the wordpress.com servers.
  • i’m using mr. messina’s filigree graphic everywhere, because it’s so easy to color.  i need to find a GPL replacement for it, or draw my own, though.  GPL graphics are damn hard to find.

but love is not what you’re thinking of.

I’m still not really getting how matt can use the word ‘love’, and pull stunts like this. I’m sure it’ll be passed off as a simple misunderstanding, but when you do it this many times in a row, it’s patently obvious that it isn’t accidental. perhaps if he answered emails, he might have less trouble with people having to post his mistakes in public.

right on time, mr. lessig posts a beta of a CC-license generator that includes some helpful microformats: a rel="cc:attributionURL" property="cc:attributionName", which will remove more of the plausibility from matt’s denials.

Trust and the pink ghetto

The Napoleon-Clarke Law:

Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice

Paul Ciszek

It’s amazing to me how much wordpress.com has grown. what used to be the realm of a few geeks in need of akismet keys has turned into a real competitor to livejournal and typepad. Along with that come users who aren’t as forgiving of glitches, because they’re not just geeking out, they’re writing down their lives. Which means i’m finding out about “the cult of matt” from The Pink Ghetto, which isn’t something i read for geek news.

For instance, i’m willing to accept that apparent contradictions between stated policy and specific blogs that exist around wordpress.com is the effect of there being more blogs than the members of automattic can actively police. I’ve found this by reporting blogs, despite fundamentally disagreeing with the mature/non-commercial policy. Since making certain of this, i’ve attempted to warn users before they get nastygrams from mark.

most users aren’t this forgiving. They see their blog getting blown out of the global tag pages, while other blogs that depart farther from the ToS are allowed to stay. Naturally, this only matters because the global tag pages drive such good traffic. The automattic defence is that nowhere in the terms of service do they claim to provide blog owners with a workable tag search engine. (this causes most people consternation when they find out their categories don’t link to their own content). Nonetheless, they provide this search engine for most people. Intentional or not, it is a slight to not provide that engine to everyone. Especially the ones who want it.

It seems especially malicious, when the global tags and top blogs are built from the ashes of blogs of the day(.com), which allowed users to self regulate, via the NSFW tag. if you used it, your post was only listed in the mature section. As much as there’s a precedent for keeping the christians children from accidentally stumbling upon porn, there’s a tendancy to misinterpret all sexual information as porn. which is what automattic seems to be doing.

2 Solutions:

  1. mark shouldn’t be choosing which blogs are actually mature or commercial. that job belongs to a lawyer. that lawyer should be actively policing. the global tag pages are reasonably good at crosslinking blogs. it’s not hard to find the ones that violate the ToS.
    Then mark can continue giving real support, and have the all-important disconnect with the policy makers that will allow him to be his friendly self. and have a few fewer expletives and insults hurled at him.
  2. increase the ability to self-regulate: letting users use the NSFW tag to kick themselves out of the ‘all-ages’ tag pages means people won’t be as shocked when they get ‘de-listed’. allowing users to put up an under 18 warning, that stores a cookie (so new readers always see it, and regular readers never see it) would keep people from being offended when the click the ‘next blog’ link.

there’s a whole lot more thought that needs to go into this. sex in the public square is taking it on, but automattic needs to do more than drop by to leave their one comment that pretends they’re listening. this is way more important than adding kewl new video features.

More feature rollback

top 20 bloggerskristin posted about being listed as one of the top 20 chicago bloggers. internets being what they are, i figured i had an obligation to do better than 59th next year. So, I listed this blog on chicagobloggers, too. After filling out their form, i copied the ping address, and went to my options panel.

😕 apparently pinging anything other than ping-o-mattic is now illegal. between nofollow being disavowed and the atom API turnabout, wank’s post should’ve been tagged 2007 predictions. apparently it’s more confusing to have users accidentally ping services more than once, than to try to explain why wp.com is more crippled than any other blogging service.

custom headers for everyone

and little flags for theme authors.  hot damn.  i wasn’t sure removing linkslist would really be worth updating disconnected.  Since the updated bookmarks/blogroll/links (whatever the devlopers have decided for this present moment) widget is now API compliant.  And since dreamhost users appear to be stuck with an old version of the theme regardless of bugfixes (and it’s impossible to explain simple things like deleting page.php to people who get themes installed by clicking a button, rather than ftp).

but no more!  i’ll be taking matt’s advice, and fixing things up.