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I want my own tags

also, this is funny and cute.  you tube is cool and all, but sometimes i miss video quality


Freedom 4 – The Freedom to claim others’ work as your own

The GPL is a pain in the ass. seriously. It seems that lullacons are the only GPL game in town. I went to check out the Microformats Icons, since i figured that an open standard would have to be devoid of attribution, and owned by a governing body. looks like microformats aren’t that globally minded yet.

they do have cool icons, though:


but they can’t be distributed with wordpress themes. It’s not that i don’t want to attribute the author. it’s the the FSF doesn’t want that to be a requirement upon users of the software. which is why most linux software uses the standard KDE or GNOME icons: it’s too difficult to find their own, or make an entirely new set.

In other news, after the last bit of ads-in-themes arm-waving, and free beer license wavingpointy-headedness, a solution from scott’s themes occured to me:

with a little bit of str_replace() and printf() magic (that i’m especially proud of learning), that input produces this footer:

footer credit

which of course, allows a user to maintain my credit or not, without having to touch code. of course, they could also take the opportunity to say ‘based on’, if they’ve modified it, but i’m not sure how likely either course of action is. It would solve the ‘ads-in-themes’ issue for most people, i would think, since it makes it dead simple to change/remove, if the ad is included the same way. except, of course, it won’t solve it for matt, who’s thinks he’s protecting google’s algorithms. for him, it’d have to be done in javascript. which i won’t do because

UPDATE: The tag icon is here. Here are some light blue ones to match the microformat icons:

tag square add tag tag rss

(obviously these are CC-by-sa, based on the work by  Wolfgang Bartelme).


  • How is it that automattic can complain about users not knowing the difference between their commercial service, and the open source blogging tool, when they continue to blur and erase the line themselves? and if we assume that it’s not a mistake, and they meant to use their 2nd most popular plugin to advertise wordpress.com in user’s sidebars, wouldn’t that contradict Matt’s whining about PPP and TLA?
  • Reverend Ted has novell’s jab at the mac vs. pc ads. Novell continues to distance themselves from other linuxes (linuxi?) by not taking a whiny nerd-boy stab at apple, but actually shifting the discussion. making linux a woman makes apple immediately look sexist. remember the one woman in the mac ads? she was a peripheral(second class citizen much?) and involved in substantial confusion between networks and peripherals (typical of most mac fanboys, in my experience).
  • i don’t know what these stats are. or why they keep showing up in my dashboard. they could be my overall stats if the years were different.
  • I really like the ideas forum. as much as opensearch and noindex could be theme competencies, they make more sense as wordpress core competencies. i really don’t want to be responsible for correctly addressing introspection.
  • this slide is brilliant. yet another reason i love last.fm. i’m not quite sure why that woman has become such a “receptacle for people’s rage” (the wifest’s words).  lettting that sort of slander be a defining characteristic of last.fm’s service was bringing them down.
  • i have a twitter page now, but no use for it.  other than keeping track of the wordpress.com servers.
  • i’m using mr. messina’s filigree graphic everywhere, because it’s so easy to color.  i need to find a GPL replacement for it, or draw my own, though.  GPL graphics are damn hard to find.

Hosting Recommendation

Apparently affiliate links are semi green-lighted. and since certain friends of matt have had (a truckload of) them for a long time, i figured i should point out who my host is, that i post about here (my easyCGI tag). It’s not that they are the easiest host. it’s one of the least tested setups you can run wordpress on. but they do give you insane amounts of storage and bandwidth. and their tech support reads the wordpress forums. and they’re more responsive than wordpress support (that’s not a dig at mark, it’s just my experience. wordpress has great support). This link makes saves me money if you sign up through it: $10.00 Domain Registration – Free Setup!
but i wholeheartedly recommend them. if the TOS here haven’t swung far enough for this kind of post, i’ll change it to a standard link.

turning off akismet

my attempts at delurking aren’t going very well.  nonetheless, raven’s anti-spam has brought spam to a dead stop.  after commenting myself (man i’m uncool), i found this:  akismet was blocking the good comments.  not that they were hard to find in the list, since there were no spam comments.

there’s a simple choice. akismet is disabled.  akismet is great if you’re willing to accept some false positives.  i’m not.

Christmas Nachos

More and more, it’s looking like the reasons for matt disliking barthelme had less to do with the link in the footer, than some personal dislike. i say this because it’s christmas. and my brand new christmas theme has a footer link to a very sploggy looking christmas site. the link in my dashboard is a to a subdomain with information about the theme.

Vermillion footer

Now, granted, christmas is about as ad-ridden and commercial as holidays come. But if it’s ok to choose a theme with a link like this, and leave the link in the footer, then surely it would have been ok to install barthelme, and remove the link to flower delivery? At least with Scott, we know who he is. Keith (of amazing christmas ideas) was too scared of being linked to his splog, so he registered with domainsbyproxy.com.

I suspect that the real issue is that it would’ve been too difficult to re-write Ozh’s theme toolkit from scratch, so that barthelme’s fantastic font options would be available to wordpress.com users.

via Blogger’s Blurt.