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This is the last time, I swear

There’s no reason I should still be posting about wordpress.com. I guess I’m just annoyed that I ever thought it was a good place to blog/journal/post. The exclusion of anyone who’s not a child or a christian has reached a fever pitch. They’ve just released the following guidelines ((taken to their logical extreme, with commentary)):

  • No inappropriate titles. Do we suppose this means that if you’re posting about the really hot sex you had last night, you should make sure the title is “fluffy kittens for everyone”?
  • No profanity or nudity. This means that my cuss-like-a-sailor-because-it-makes-people-respond-not-just-think-about-it tactic is definitely outlawed. I hate to think what it means for ICHC.
  • No extraneous categories. I’m sure my 2.0 category was causing serious consternation. let alone “cult-of-matt”. In fact, only the officially sanctioned categories are allowed. Anything else and you’ll be relegated to the dustbin, because then you won’t drive traffic to our ad-laden tag pages.
  • And really, you should only post to one category at a time. nevermind that wordpress.com categories can’t be used as categories, since the links lead out of your blog. if you use categories as tags (meta information), you’re definately going to be banned

Basically, if you’re not an aspiring member of the web 2.0 a-list-aspiring echo chamber, you’re not welcome on wordpress.com. fantastic. glad i left. now I’m off to find the 11 most relevant tags for this post.


Buckshot, Ep. 3

Orb 2.0

it took forever to get Orb 2.0 installed, but now ‘mycast’ is one of their major features, so perhaps the image hosting is a little less volatile:
you should be seeing an image here

(and no, that’s not my image, it’s from a friend of mine’s masters thesis. but yes, ambient occlusion is really hot.)

web 2.ugh

i thought it was kind of cool when graphisoft emailed me about free archicad for students, even if it was weeks after the big name architecture bloggers got their personal entreaties.  when stickypad.com emailed me, i felt more dirty than cool.


apparently you can post to wordpress.com over IM through imified. right now i’m posting through meebo, which is ridiculously complex, meta, and oh-so-2.0.
once it’s set up, though, i should be able to post from my phone. via iconolith.
UPDATE: the entry posted, but the content was empty.