So, I haven’t actively blogged here since 2007. In the time since, I have:

  • moved to texas
  • gone toobin’ with automattic folks
  • worked as a WordPress developer for 5+ years full time, plus several part time years beyond that
  • quit working with WordPress, to work on better things
  • gotten divorced
  • transitioned my public gender to match what’s in my head/heart
  • changed my name
  • gotten married
  • had my WordPress instance & my employers’ & clients’ WordPress instances hacked a couple dozen times
  • given so few fucks about my own site that I let the hosting lapse and never set it back up again

So that’s where I’m at.

Hi. I’m Amie. You can still call me sunburntkamel or SBK if you want.

I’m currently rebuilding my public-facing site using github pages +’s API. So I’m kicking around here again. The little angular app I’m building is open source, so I’ll be posting about it here, now and again.  Also I’m using the portfolio feature to host all of the images + project descriptions here on, so I’m kicking around in the dashboard anyway, might as well poke my head out.