from self conscious to self devouring

Since installing the recently released stats plugin, now my dashboard links to my dashboard


and my blog links to my dotorg dashboard:


which i find terribly useful.  but since my dotorg blog still links to dotcom:


it sounds like we’re going to need a bigger sticky (or perhaps we should just give up and merge the forums).


2 thoughts on “from self conscious to self devouring

  1. Andy

    I don’t think the Stats plugin has anything to do with that sidebar link. Are you running WP from svn?

  2. adam Post author

    the sidebar link is a result of the old widget plugin, not the stats plugin, you’re right. i’m running branches/2.1 from svn, so no core widgets yet.

    (i was going to link to my favorite trac ticket before the last screenshot, but i got lazy).

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