I have no idea what that gesture means

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but it’s fun to see scott and matt making nice. i find it disturbing that even with the recent stupidity surrounding wordpress, when someone asks me how to set up a website ASAP, the first word out of my mouth is still “wordpress” (followed swiftly by “fantastico”). it might have something to do with not being able to find a suitable importer for drupal, or habari staunchly refusing to install, but more likely it’s because despite not being as open as i’d like, wordpress is still really good at what it does.


2 thoughts on “I have no idea what that gesture means

  1. Scott

    Somehow I managed to find time to make it there. But (of course) had to leave after a single beer. But Matt was kind enough to walk around the rather long, single table and talk with me before I left. So +1 to the beer. 😉

  2. adam Post author

    sounds like fun. i remember having beers, once upon a time…
    been a while since we had a conversation that didn’t revolve around being overworked 😛

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