3 mail hosts in a week

Switching hosts was a matter of necessity. Running an entire site on wordpress on IIS was ridiculous. It’s fairly irrelevant to compare easyCGI and BlueHost, since anyone else making the choice will be choosing based on IIS vs. Apache, not a feature comparison or better support. However, i’ve very nearly gone back to easyCGI’s email hosting.

It’s not that easyCGI has great email hosting. their webmail is workable at best (better, since the last upgrade). they only provide POP3, not IMAP email. The reason i wanted to switch back? BlueHost doesn’t provide a catchall address. Apparently doing so would cripple their servers, because your email server is the same as your web server. and ‘all that spam‘ would bring the server to its knees. i’ve posted about this in their forums, but apparently all that does is bring out the idiot fanboys saying ‘your spam is everyone’s problem’. no, bluehost’s poorly configured servers are everyone’s problem.

Having had a catchall email for archgfx.net for 4 years on 2 webhosts, this seems bizarre to me. there’s no reason that one email couldn’t receive more spam than all the uncreated addresses put together. This is exactly how my email is set up. i have specific junk addresses: crappy, crapmail, webmaster, sales, etc. They come from using throwaway email addresses to sign up for things, and from standard addresses that bots think will reach the site owner. They all route to a yahoo inbox that i can dumpster dive for registration emails if the need arises.

The rest of the email to archgfx lands in my main inbox. this includes emails to sunburntkamel, adam, afreetly, af, and other addresses that were either easier to pronounce over the phone, or that people have erroneously remembered. I can’t possibly remember all of them, or attempt to generate all the possible misspellings and misrememberings of my name. so not having a catchall is a dealbreaker for me.

Back when it was first opened, i read derek’s post, and signed up for gmail hosted. I found out then that i couldn’t set up email aliases to non-archgfx.net addresses. at the time, that was a big enough pain for me to not bother using the service. now, having to keep two gmail windows open (one hosted, one standard) is less of an issue than losing mail that i’ve depended on arriving for 4 years. So i changed my MX records again, since hosted gmail beats the $3.95 a month for easyCGI.

I can’t set up email aliases on hosted gmail, but i can forward email. so i have one junk box (crapmail), that forwards its contents to yahoo. the other ‘big spam’ addresses are aliased to that one. it works, more or less. i have to think it would be easier on google’s servers for them to just let me alias to yahoo, but functionally, it’s about the same. and i doubt google’s servers are going to buckle under the strain.