Naked 2.0

dunstin’s site has a new web2.0 looking logo this year. so that your site isn’t as ugly as last year. it’s not really important, though. the whole concept is still

self serving, confusing and disenfranchising to users

so no, i’m still not doing it.

standards are nothing if they’re not also best practices.


2 thoughts on “Naked 2.0

  1. timethief

    Ahhh yes … going naked … another well intended but empty gesture so symbolic of the times in which we live. It seems to express the “it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want” kind of thinking that as you correctly point out disenfranchises the reader. Silly me I thought “my” blog was for my readers.

  2. adam Post author

    yep. it’s especially disturbing to see that attitude from people who claim to be promoting the best standards in web design.

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