Freedom 4 – The Freedom to claim others’ work as your own

The GPL is a pain in the ass. seriously. It seems that lullacons are the only GPL game in town. I went to check out the Microformats Icons, since i figured that an open standard would have to be devoid of attribution, and owned by a governing body. looks like microformats aren’t that globally minded yet.

they do have cool icons, though:


but they can’t be distributed with wordpress themes. It’s not that i don’t want to attribute the author. it’s the the FSF doesn’t want that to be a requirement upon users of the software. which is why most linux software uses the standard KDE or GNOME icons: it’s too difficult to find their own, or make an entirely new set.

In other news, after the last bit of ads-in-themes arm-waving, and free beer license wavingpointy-headedness, a solution from scott’s themes occured to me:

with a little bit of str_replace() and printf() magic (that i’m especially proud of learning), that input produces this footer:

footer credit

which of course, allows a user to maintain my credit or not, without having to touch code. of course, they could also take the opportunity to say ‘based on’, if they’ve modified it, but i’m not sure how likely either course of action is. It would solve the ‘ads-in-themes’ issue for most people, i would think, since it makes it dead simple to change/remove, if the ad is included the same way. except, of course, it won’t solve it for matt, who’s thinks he’s protecting google’s algorithms. for him, it’d have to be done in javascript. which i won’t do because

UPDATE: The tag icon is here. Here are some light blue ones to match the microformat icons:

tag square add tag tag rss

(obviously these are CC-by-sa, based on the work by  Wolfgang Bartelme).


4 thoughts on “Freedom 4 – The Freedom to claim others’ work as your own

  1. Mark

    I’ve not been accused of pointy-headedness before.

    What the GPL does and does not do is of little matter to me. I have consistently left that for others to discuss. When I highlighted Anaconda, I did so because the author of that theme was proclaiming it to be GPL and at the same time making it clearly NOT GPL. I was calling him for what he was doing in the name of the GPL. He was abusing it. He was duping people out of money. He was conning others. Lying, call it whatever. He was not innocently making a mistake.

    I’m all for credit where it is due.

  2. adam Post author

    that was probably overkill on my part. but the highlighting of anaconda is exactly right. while he’s free to obfuscate the link, he’s not free to tell anyone they can’t remove it. doing so violates the letter and the spirit of the GPL.

    the problem is in themes being almost necessarily GPL.

  3. Mark

    I find a lot – if not most – of the GPL to be something that escapes me. Yet to some – not you adam – it seems to be a religion. And anything with zealots in will have problems..

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