More Blue!

apparently, domains are cheaper than candy.  or owen’s got an in.  or despite the absurdity of it all, he’s actually serious.  given that the real announcement is that his wordpress importer for habari seems to have worked.


4 thoughts on “More Blue!

  1. adam Post author

    definately. i checked his generator link in the header just to see how deep he went, and saw the habari link, though.

  2. timethief

    Absolutely hilarious and just what I needed … lol. I couldn’t resist so I posted this into the April Fool’s off topic forum thread. Currently every blog is a blog of the minute – check it out. 😉

  3. adam Post author

    yeah, bbqpress is over the top and silly, but putting everyone as the BotM is genius. subtle jokes like that are great!

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