What not to post

best blogging rubric evar: “i don’t blog about who i date, what i ate, my weight, or who i hate“.
via violet blue.

obviously not something i adhere to. but if you wanted to write something important, it would be a good rule.


8 thoughts on “What not to post

  1. Britgirl

    I’m usually uninterested in “what not to blog”…I say people should blog about whatever they want to.. Now “how-to’s” are something else…her “how-to” section is certainly the most … interesting I’ve seen yet.

  2. adam Post author

    most whatnotto and howto blog stuff does make me yomit. having been blogging for far longer than most people writing the stuff, it just seems absurd to think that everyone should blog the same. this list just meshed with my pet peeves.

    i forgot to mention (at least outside of the cite attribute), the rules come from http://heresmybyline.typepad.com

    but yes, violet blue’s howto’s are terribly fascinating. as are her books.

  3. Britgirl

    I see what you mean :). I felt like linking to it but I felt the shock might be a wee bit much for some. Or not.

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