another wish that won’t come true

if we had a status blog, i would know what time i could finish posting a reply on my blog. the message “per the previous announcement, your dashboard will be available in 45 minutes”, doesn’t help when i missed the announcement. and i don’t want access to my dashboard. i just want to post a comment. i’d like some indication, somewhere of 45 minutes from when?

UPDATE: i may have spoken too soon. via ryan


12 thoughts on “another wish that won’t come true

  1. that girl again

    Yeah, I saw people complaining on the forums about this last night. The time in which their dashboard would be available kept changing. Poor Trent was running around trying to get hold of an actual staff member to clarify what was going on, but it being the weekend there was nothing doing.

    So even if we had a status blog, it would only work on weekdays. I’d say we should just give up asking, were I not quietly convinced that one of these days we’ll have another major downtime and Scoble will order Matt to throw one up 😉

  2. kristin

    Yep. I got a 3 minute notification. It wasn’t enough time for me. It would be nice if earlier in the day or even th day before there was a “we’ll be doing maintenance at blah blah” message.. but for all we know it may have been an emergency because of a bug or something.

  3. adam Post author

    with that short notice, kristin’s probably right, it was probably not planned downtime.

  4. adam Post author

    i dunno if it’s development, or massive hardware difficulties. either way, it’s definately shakey. It’ll be interesting to see what their real uptime is, once blogflux’ directory gets its legs.

  5. adam Post author

    Scoble will order Matt to throw one up

    …brilliant. i wonder if he twittered matt into setting up the twitter account? as much as it’s stupid that they don’t listen to widespread feature/bugfix requests, at least someone can hold them accountable. (h/t to kristin’s request for viddler being immediately actioned, vs. a reasonable maturity policy being backburner’ed)

  6. Wolf40

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