four times in two months

i upgraded my blog again last night, to help joen with some bugsquashing on Fauna RC2. after not touching my wordpress install for the better part of a year, it’s odd to be updating it this many times in 2 months. I still had to do a manual hack to get my WYSIWYG tabbed editor to work. Nazgul’s suggesting that i should keep doing this, so i used my handy new computer hacking SVN skillz to make a patch, so i don’t have to work so hard next time:  UPDATE: something in 2.1.1/2.1.2 changed, and my patch stopped fixing it.  this is a new version.  you may also need to hack gzhandler() out of functions.php.


the upgrade also means that my WYSIWYG editor is back to the standard font and padding. i dunno how i feel about that.

UPDATE: to apply the patch, i highly recommend using tortoise SVN. because i like GUI’s and not having to remember the command line syntax.

download the patch, and right click on it, like so:

right click

tortoise will ask you where to apply it, choose the directory where you’ve downloaded wordpress 2.1.1. it should then tell you that it’s found a similar file in wp-includes/js/tinymce. it’ll bring up a split panel window showing the patch and the current version of the file. double click the file in the little window that shows up, close it, hit save, and then upload the changed file to your blog.

merge window


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  1. adam Post author

    instructions for windows added to the post. i haven’t done it on linux in forever, so i’m not entirely sure. it’s something like
    patch > p0 /path/to/patch /path/to/original

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