Yet Another I Hate IE Post

So, i’m working on a redesign for arghGFX, that will probably show up here as well, since it’s sandbox-based. and i’m thinking that i’ve got quite the slick vertical header, when i happen to test my complex layout in IE. not only is the layout completely wrong, but my colors are broken, too:


i don’t know if it’s because i’m using PNG’s, and my photoshop’s gamma is off (i thought using save for web fixed that?), or because i’m not using web-safe colors, or if it’s related to the issue with Safari and photographs, but it’s sure damn annoying.


2 thoughts on “Yet Another I Hate IE Post

  1. that girl again

    My bet is that it’s .pngs. My last two redesigns resorted to hacks to get around the fact that IE was rendering the background colour of the .pngs completely differently to FF. Since I loathe browser-specific hacks and feel a little bit soiled by using them, I think I’m going to have to go back to .jpgs.

  2. adam Post author


    i switched to jpg’s and the problem went away. if your photoshop gamma is normally ok, i’ll assume it’s something similar to the safari problem.

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