WIP: The Late Show

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The Late Show by Liz Lubowitz.

As much as i love using this theme, It’s taking away from the energy i need to direct towards other projects. Inspired by patrick heaney, i’m going to strip down to something spartan, until i have the time to finish my own design.

This is a Work In Progress. First there’s the matter of license. Liz happily granted me permission to port the theme, but the theme is certainly not GPL, so it’s always going to be kind of “for personal use only”.

Also, Sixapart’s Style Contest themes work a little differently, in that they make use of a body class for each layout. (two-column-left, etc.) Even after adding the name of the current sandbox skin as a class to the body of the sandbox, i’d still need to finish my “Layout Dependent Sandbox Skins” plugin for this to really be workable.


So here’s my two column left version of the theme, and hopefully Rothyschild will finish her 3 column version soon. Select the ‘no stylesheet’ skin, and paste these two CSS files into the ‘edit css’ box in order:


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    you can use the pages widget to display a list. if you want to show the text of the page, you’ll need to copy the text into a text widget.

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