via joen. his, of course, looks far cooler than mine.


3 thoughts on “favicon2dots

  1. Scott

    I love this kinds of things. Totally pointless, but fun. Speaking of pointless, I better get back to work. 😉

  2. WhoreChurch

    Adam, thanks for stopping by the church and leaving your comment. I was almost feeling like a brilliant theologian until you pointed out how easy the quiz was!

    Have a great day. I will likely be back to grab some of your juicy WP hacks.

  3. adam Post author

    @scott- absolutely, i love little remixes of designs. is work fun and pointless, or just pointless?

    @whorechurch – sorry to be a downer. truth be told, i did spend 19 years with that book, and i’ve read it cover to cover. i was just hoping that i’d managed to forget more of it in the years since.

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