venus flytrap indeed.

matt thinks he loves theme designers. it’s baffling to me, then, why he feels the need to keep changing the titles and descriptions of their themes, once they’re installed on

the 281(3) incident (where he renamed it twenty-eight thirteen, despite it being a 3-column version of 281, which was named after paul’s mustang) was amusing, although i’m mystified as to why they’ve removed it. perhaps because it’s licensed as non-commercial, which wordpress certainly isn’t. but then, it’s built on top of GPL themes, so technically it can’t be non-commercial.

the best, though, is fauna. sometime recently, they changed the description to: “A beautiful two-column theme with a gigantic flower header.”  now, if you read joen’s description, it says “A living Organism characterized by voluntary movement.”  Flowers don’t move voluntarily.  someone’s forgotten their biology. I also wonder why, if you’re going to change anything about the theme you wouldn’t add widgets.  or, you know, updated it.


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  1. Root

    I am really glad that after a couple of years of hard toil – that my campaign to bring Matt’s lack of cluefullness on anything to do with themes / markup / CSS or standards is bearing fruit. At last the word is out. That does not mean that I do not respect or even like the guy. It is just that is his Achilles heel. He can’t be brilliant at everything. He now needs to send for the professionals and pay them accordingly. For tidying up the issues tracker he needs a trainee. In the UK a YTS would be ideal (Youth Training Schemer). 🙂
    He couldn’t make the mess any worse. 🙂
    On point as always.
    Root. 🙂

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