Just Like a Real Coder

Version Notification

In my attempts to not be one of those idiots, i’ve not only updated disconnected to include a version update notification script, i’ve also created a project for it on sourceforge. i know all the cool themes use google code, but google has been untrustworthy lately. I guess the idea of not doing evil goes out the window when you become a monopoly. i know that OSTG is a corporation, just as capable of evil as google, but i still think it’s less likely, given the free-beer-fundamentalist nature of their clients/advertisers/users.

sourceforge is pretty cool. i’ve got my own little SVN setup although i have yet to figure out how to let people who are not developers just download it.:


I can also link to the viewable files, like my functions.php, so i can show you how i hacked up ceejayoz’ little tutorial, to make my own function, and then add it to the activity box.
I also haven’t figured out how to build a webpage for the project.

i did all of the coding for the new version in microsoft’s visual web developer (speaking of monopolies), which is incredibly useful. well, more useful for CSS, since it groups all my code in elements, classes, and ID’s, which is far better than dreamweaver. it doesn’t have a PHP template though, which is annoying. the javascript template does well enough, tho. Dreamweaver, for whatever reason takes an obnoxiously long time to load on my computer, where VWD loads nearly as fast as notepad. It has all the useful features of dreamweaver (syntax highlighting, auto-closing tags, auto-completion, etc), just without the bloat. I’ve also started relying more on firebug than on the web developer extension for firefox. it’s all about the right click > inspect element:

Firebug - Web Development Evolved