Jizzy Handled

after reasonable testing, i’ve now upgraded my main blog. despite all the cool kids in the hackers list saying they never use the rich text editor, i use it all the time. yeah, sure, i can write code, but that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to write about my weekend in code. so, here’s the list of changes for the upgrade:



  • i deleted all the plugins i’m not using. during the whole disable/re-enable process, i tend to forget which ones i’ve decided are crap. i blame this on installer, which makes it far too easy to install widgets for 3 days, decide they’re worthless, and then move on. it took a while, but it saves time, or something.
  • updated alex king’s plugins, which now all have their own hooks, so i had to hack them back out of my theme.
  • updated S2C. it was always such a pain, guessing what email people had used to subscribe. i like easy stalking.
  • deleted linkslist. hence the sudden existence of ul’s. i’m not going to take down the plugin, since people seem to find it useful(for the same reasons i built it), and the 2.0.x branch isn’t going away. i’m also not going to update it, because wp_list_bookmarks() does a decent enough job.