hand on mouth, the game goes on

it’s update time.  no, not wordpress.  i don’t get the kewl new features, so it’s hard to be excited about it.  plus, the thought of all my tags going to hell doesn’t sound fun.  my test blogs are updated for theme testing purposes, since they didn’t need backing up.

The Thin Line

The Thin Line for wordpress.com has moved up to v2.  I’m running it on this site, poke around a bit.  The skin will come later, as scott’s working on v0.7.  andy’s off cavorting in mexico, so i doubt i’ll have to worry about the wordpress.com version changing.  The reasons for the change are something like this:

  • maintaining that many layouts is too complicated for my small brain.  and a single column with a 2 column fat footer is really hard to dress up. giving the skin its own layout made life easy.
  • my recent obsession with ambient occlusion
  • the footer-like sidebar from the bus full of hippies was really cool.
  • the inward and outward graphics were just to big, and counter to the name.
  • jumping straight from proof-of-concept to 2.0 is all kinds of trendy and cool.

I’ve now hosted the file on archgfx, because for whatever reason, i can no longer upload *.txt files.  i can upload *.doc files, though, so clearly it has nothing to do with security.


2 thoughts on “hand on mouth, the game goes on

  1. Scott

    Oh, it’s coming. The revision that is. Still on the fence about the menu. But here are some things to look for:

    – better hCard / hAtom compliance
    – streamlining the #globalnav
    – fixing classes in the 404.php
    – new body.protected class
    – standardizing .metasep vs. .meta-sep

    That’s all I can rattle off at the moment. Plus couple fixes. Look forward to seeing the skin. 😉

  2. adam Post author

    heh, i thought i was imagining the .meta(-)sep weirdness. i get dislexic with dashes and underscores and whatnot.

    don’t forget there’s also all that pingback goodness.

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