Shuttle 2.0: Mockups, again


Atlantis: Rough Mock

Originally uploaded by Bryan Veloso.
more vast expanses of blue, and final releases that aren’t usable in any form.

i do like the pop-up file manager, and the nav bar is far more attractive (sans-serif fonts are good, but they’re still huge). but at this point, i’m far more impressed by tiger admin, and buranio, who manage to release usable plugins.

although i suppose i could check out habari now, if i wanted to see joen and khaled’s admin dreams coming true.


3 thoughts on “Shuttle 2.0: Mockups, again

  1. Root

    I am not sure that designing a dynamic gui in photoshop is going to work very well. Just my 2c. But it is Shuttle all over again. And that blew up on the pad. A lot of guys were very disappointed.

  2. adam Post author

    i was hoping that the other lightbox-looking screenshot meant he had it running somewhere. it seems really bizarre to do that work and then only take pictures of it. and yeah. i remember the drama around the orginal shuttle. 2.0 is my favorite tag for making fun of things.

  3. Root

    My own feeling is that once it gets coded up or something
    similar does – then a whole lot of issues are going to come up.

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