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It’ll be a while before i’m designing an original layout for this blog. So in the meantime, here’s another copy-paste trick you can play with your custom CSS upgrade:

Both K2 and Fauna were designed to have skins applied to them. K2 has a directory of about a dozen skins, all of which can be applied pretty easily. my personal favorite is fork, by dave kellam. he’s the guy who wrote the flickrrss widget, which i’m also trying to emulate with the godforsaken table-based widget we have here on


It’s actually based on the update by Gigi. It’s not like porting a theme to a sandbox skin, where you have to rename the selectors, and deal with quirks. i just uploaded the images, and did a find and replace for fork/ with (the flickr widget was another matter, but i’ve submitted feedback for that). I’m still messing around with it, but it works as is, so go get dirty!


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