Exposing the Lurkers

Engtech is posting everywhere about MyBlogLog making a widget for WordPress.com blogs. I don’t know that the Custom CSS upgrade is actually necessary. I hope not, background-color:teal; is really ugly, so i changed it.

Kudos to MyBlogLog. they’re pulling the same trick as feedburner’s feedflare, calling images that are actually generated on the fly. It’s a much better solution than javascript. the more companies that realize this, and starting running GD scripts in order to appeal to the myspace crowd, the less whining from people like scoble about wordpress.com’s perfectly valid security settings.

i have yet to see whether it works, though. I don’t know if i should have the community pointed at sbk.wp.com, or sbk.archgfx.net.


4 thoughts on “Exposing the Lurkers

  1. adam Post author

    indeed. i also dropped the heading to an <H3>. looks like they’re just counting traffic off of the images themselves.

  2. engtech

    I think this code might be required for tracking to work properly:

    <a href=”http://www.mybloglog.com/pt.php?s=UNIQUEID&p=0″><img src=”http://ipub.mybloglog.com/i/vUNIQUEID_req.jpg” alt=”View My Profile” title=””View My Profile”></a>

  3. adam Post author

    yeah, it’s the same trick as most free stat services use, just using a unique image. which in this case happens to also provide information to the viewer, rather than just a ‘hey, look at my counter’ sorta thing.

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