Akismet Excerpts

Engtech and I thought this was an excellent suggestion for dealing with the torrents of spam in the akismet panel, but matt disagrees. Engtech wrote a Greasemonkey Script that implements it browser side. I, being afraid of browser bloat, and wanting this for archGFX, not for this wordpress.com blog, hacked it in /wp-admin/wp-admin.css. It’s a hack so simple, i’m embarassed i didn’t think of it sooner:

#spam-list li {
max-height: 6.5em;
overflow: hidden;
margin-bottom: .5em;

#spam-list li * {
display: inline;

added to the end of the file. (i actually appended it to tiger.css, which works the same.) this is what it looks like:

auntie spam

if that’s not enough context for you, or if it’s more than you need, you can adjust max-height to your liking. if you’re using IE6 or below to review your spam, you’ll want to specify height instead of max-height.

3 thoughts on “Akismet Excerpts

  1. engtech

    Wow, that is simple. :)

    I still haven’t gotten my head around CSS enough that I think “oh, I’ll just do that in CSS”.

  2. adam Post author

    heh. i think it has less to do with getting my head around it, than getting my head stuck in it.

    PHP and javascript scare me.

    your solution is far better, and closer to what i would want as the default behaviour of akismet.

  3. engtech

    I think the optimal solution is the CSS hack above with an additional link of javascript to toggle the overflow setting.


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