turning off akismet

my attempts at delurking aren’t going very well.  nonetheless, raven’s anti-spam has brought spam to a dead stop.  after commenting myself (man i’m uncool), i found this:  akismet was blocking the good comments.  not that they were hard to find in the list, since there were no spam comments.

there’s a simple choice. akismet is disabled.  akismet is great if you’re willing to accept some false positives.  i’m not.


2 thoughts on “turning off akismet

  1. Little Professor

    Is there anyway to force Akismet off (like some sort of viroid program)? I have noticed that my “manual” spam queue (ie. the spam that is caught if any of the words in it match my “unwanted word list”) is able to override Akismet, so I might be able to get EVERY comment into my “manual” spam queue, so I can decide what is spam and what is not. Does that sound like a good idea?

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