Horse Carcasses

In order to make things seem more open, matt’s opened a seperate forum for us to beg for our favorite feature. naturally, i chose to beat my favorite dead horse beg for Sandbox 😉


9 thoughts on “Horse Carcasses

  1. timethief

    I think your idea is a good one so I registered and begged for Sandbox too. Perhaps I’m being optimistic but I’m hoping to find the time to learn enough css to customize and theme in the upcoming year. And after that one day I’d like to make the transition to but the likelihood I will ever learn php is very low to nil. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. 🙂

  2. adam Post author

    learn enough css to customize and theme

    well, you know where you can find help 😉

  3. timethief

    Yup but first I have to get a new computer and second I have to get glasses. What I’m coping with now is here

    Once the new computer arrives and the face is festooned with glass then I have no excuses I’ll have to learn a new language … yech … I’m so lazy these days and it looks so scary.

    Meh … maybe I’ll just keep waiting for more copy and paste ccs customized choices to roll out. You and wank are turning them out quite frequently now so eventually I’ll find one that’s a fit and then beg for help to tweak it. 😉

  4. adam Post author

    yowch. those are expensive. i hate coding without glasses. (although i’ve had plenty of late nights squinting in the dark at size 14 fonts in my text editor).

  5. that girl again

    While this is obviously just a PR exercise aimed at counteracting the Habari team’s claims that WP development is insufficiently open, enough 5 star ratings for Sandbox should make its non-inclusion an embarrassment 😉

  6. adam Post author

    yeah, that’s one of my points in the thread, having sandbox in the .org download would ease the transition between the two for non-techy users.

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