new themes

courtesy of the announcement of the custom image header API (which is awesome), we can now see new themes in the pipeline for


hoofie v4


October Special

they’re still predominantly blue, although Derek’s October Special was originally lilac, and claims to be able to switch colors. i see that it’s based on Ozh’s theme toolkit, though. In most other cases, that options panel has been ‘normalized’ out, so we’ll see.


6 thoughts on “new themes

  1. adam Post author

    haha, hey, don’t beg for it from me, send in feedback!

    also, if you’re anxious, and you’ve got the custom CSS upgrade, you can use gridlock k2, since it’s purely CSS.

  2. adam Post author

    timetable? we’re taking about my predictions of their whims here 😉

    other themes have been added to svn after these and implemented before, so it’s not a hard and fast guide, just a sneak peak, no guarantees.

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