2006 snapshots

i’ve been tagged by britgirl:

first line of the first post of each month for 2006:

i told myself i wouldn’t, 1 so i just need to see if, 2 the internet is all one big popularity contest. 3 i’ve installed 4 a moment of hubris this weekend, 5 a laundry list of hand-wringing apologies, 6 dave updated. 7 i need to have british friends visit more often. 8 i’m currently debating 9 favorite albums. 10 My name is Bobbin. It likes playing outside. I will carry out what and will play today. 11 alright, Mullenweig, you win. 12

that required a whole lot of trimming and fudging to keep from being completely boring 😉
and now, i’m off to prioritize dancing baby penguins


4 thoughts on “2006 snapshots

  1. Britgirl

    Very interesting reading! That Frosties kid was something else. Just one view and he was already getting on my nerves 🙂 Good luck with the baby penguins!

  2. adam Post author

    yeah, it’s been stuck in my head on and off ever since. did you catch the little childfree nod when mumble tells gloria to go back?

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