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i’m a sucker for a sale (half assed as it is). It just feels odd to be hawking custom CSS templates, and be still using the standard templates on my own blog. I suppose then, it’s also odd to start off with someone else’s design, but i do really love not (that) ugly‘s work. I’m working on porting another flowery template, which i’ll put up here in a few days.

bus full of hippies

the template is here


8 thoughts on “Custom CSS

  1. sulz

    i like the design very much! if i had css i’d love to have this look. bus full of hippies looks very nice too! can’t wait to see it.

    happy new year!

  2. adam Post author

    yep! i’ve been abusing it here. i love biology, although i have tweaked it a bit 😉 ((EDIT: that’s something i meant to mention to scott for 0.7, it would be nice to have a credit link in the footer for the skin author as well. especially for CC-by themes like joshuaink. and, you know, generally getting feedback on who’s using the theme.))

    and i see the n-(t)-u annex is looking spiffy as well 🙂

  3. timethief

    All of the flowers depicted in this theme are upright growing flowering plants that do not “hang”. Therefore, when I look at this theme, wonder if the busload of hippies were stoned, laying on their backs and experiencing the image in an upside down but “uplifting” way. Note the “grass” at the top of the image.

    Specifically, I’m wondering if the daffodils, daisies and all the other flowers being depicted in the image could be replaced with an image of flowering plants that actually are “hanging” plants such as honeysuckle, laburnum, fuschias, etc. Is that possible?

  4. adam Post author

    well, you’ll have to take that up with Mr. Radenkovic. if i had drawn them, you’d have a whole lot more to complain about. 😛

    the full quote is actually “more love than a bus full of hippies”.

  5. timethief

    But Adam you didn’t answer the question. Can the background flower image be readily replaced with another image through further css customization?

  6. adam Post author

    you’re probably better off starting from scratch. the flowers are actually 3 images that create the illusion of transparency. for real transparency, you’d have to join the chorus of people begging for vistered little.

    EDIT TO ADD: biology‘s flowers are readily replacable, though.

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