Since it looks like the release of WP 2.1 is in the immediate future (as opposed to the nebulus ‘soon’ timeframe it’s been in since august or so), i tried upgrading one of my test blogs on archgfx. I didn’t realize that the MySQL upgrades they keep announcing only apply to new signups (makes sense, that way your apps don’t just randomly break), so the new minimum SQL requirement causes massive breakage on the front page.

So, i just sent easyCGI an email asking them to upgrade my site from MySQL 3.23.49 to whatever the latest version is they’re running (a thread in the forums says it’s 4.1.21 at time of writing). looks like this will also upgrade PHP from 4.3.1 to 4.4.1 (still no option to upgrade to go to PHP 5). *fingers crossed*

After that, i’ll be trying to get REQUEST_URI working, so that i can use a static front page, rather than a static HTML front page, and be completely done with needing FTP to edit anything on archGFX. of course, i have to convince my CFO to part with $50+ to do so. After rereading ComputerGuru‘s post based on his comment, it seems his is LGPL, not CC-by-nc-sa as the post is. So i need to pay $25 to easyCGI for a security audit and script installation, and it seems ridiculous not do drop at least an equivalent amount in ComputerGuru’s tip jar.


support ticket opened: 12/26/06 11:23:42
support ticket closed: 12/26/06 14:39:47

a quick edit to my wp-config.php file (to reflect the address of the newer sql server), and i’m good to go. 2.1 runs fine, as do my 2.0.x blog and testblog. PHPinfo() still shows me at 4.3.1, which is fine by me.


I checked further down the PHPinfo() page, and found that it still claims to be running 3.xx. logging into the aged (2.6) version of PHPMyAdmin shows MySQL 4.1.21-community-nt, though.