Firefox Users are Smarter

I’m kind of a geek. Most of my friends at least have geek leanings. My new job is the first one I’ve had that hasn’t been terribly geeky. It’s opening my eyes to all sorts of bizarre trends.

In October, both Microsoft and The Mozilla Foundation updated their (free) web browsers. On the 18th, Microsoft released IE7. On The 24th, Mozilla released Firefox 2.0. Since then, 51% of the visitors to archGFX have used firefox, and 39% have used internet explorer. (not surprising, given the nature of my site, although certainly not typical).

The most disturbing difference between the two types of visitors is the version of the browser they are using.

Firefox Stats

Firefox Update Stats

56% of firefox users upgraded to the new version. Firefox didn’t make the update automatic, so the people who updated had to find their way to the download site on their own, and choose to upgrade. Note that was released after 2.0, so those people recieved automatic updates. the 14% who didn’t are disturbing. not as disturbing as:

Internet Explorer

IE Update Stats

Internet Explorer was pushed out via automatic updates in the first week of november. That means that 81% of the people who use internet explorer either don’t have automatic updates turned on, or opted out of the license agreement.

Since I’ve already insulted IE users in the title, i’ll refrain from drawing any more conclusions, except to say this:
Firefox 2

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2 thoughts on “Firefox Users are Smarter

  1. junior

    IE 7 was automagic for home users, not corporate peons with admins who control software pushes. Your IE 6 users are probably surfin from work. I’m allowed to use Firefox at work (which I do with the IE Tab plugin for some sites and using the IE6 render engine), but if I switch to IE, v.7 isn’t allowed by the admins.

  2. adam Post author

    yeah, that’s what i meant by the comment about my new job ‘opening my eyes’. i’m in the same boat.

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